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Suit Covers

Suit covers are an indispensable dress cover. Suit cases are very important, especially since it will be difficult to carry suits in suitcases during travel. Carrying clothes and suits by using a suit cover ensures that they can be used safely, without breaking the iron, by protecting them from all transportation risks.

Indispensable parts of business life are suits.

For people working in business life, suits that represent the person all day long in both the official and private sectors have become an indispensable part of life. When we enter an institution or a company, our meetings with business people in suits establish trust as well as the seriousness of our work.

Every job interview with neat, clean and ironed suits develops a positive understanding from the very beginning of the conversation. The suits that we carry in direct proportion to our profession have become indispensable work clothes for both men and women.

We carry our style with us on our business trips.

One of the active processes in the business life of the organizations we work with is business travel. City, intercity and international business trips, seminars, marketing projects bring constant mobility for the working person.

For a business person who needs to be on a business trip the next day with a project that develops in the evening of a busy workday, being constantly prepared for the trip has also become a part of his profession.

For people who are constantly on business trips, being prepared beforehand is among the basic success rules. The clothes to be worn, and especially the suits, carry our style with us during the journey, in our wardrobes until the day of travel.

If a suit that has been cleaned and ironed is first and immediately placed in a quality suit case, it takes its place in our closets by being protected from dust, contamination and humidity until the trip. During business trips, it safely protects its care until the destination with its protected packaging. Suits put in a quality dress case represent us in the most beautiful and stylish way in our travels and become one of the elements of success.

Shopping rituals of working people

All people who are active in business life have to represent themselves more stylishly and confidently.

The content of this representation should be filled with quality shopping and safe products. According to the budget, each employee exchanges suits under certain conditions at certain times. Although the shirts worn inside the suits or the blouses for women vary, fabric suits are produced and supplied in conditions to be used for a longer period of time and safely.

No matter what budget a suit is purchased, before it takes its place in our closet, with the right storage conditions, it will be used for a longer time, cleanly and appropriately.

All the suits we buy from the stores are delivered to us in dress covers. The suits, which are put into dress covers, which are produced with a quality production with solid fabric, ensure that they can be used comfortably both in our closets and on our travels for many years from the moment of shopping.

Variety in Suit Covers

Suit covers, which are produced with quality fabrics and designs, are very important because they serve modern storage solutions. This importance has brought diversity in products.

1. Variety according to the fabric quality to be used

2. Style, elegant and stylish varieties

3. Variety of designs and sizes

4. Variety of transparent, windowed suit sleeves

5. Variety of price options

How Can I Get Information About Suit Covers?

Institutions and branded companies that want to buy both individual and wholesale suit covers can reach all our product information on our website and contact us.

Our expert design team makes design presentations by making various suggestions for our customers who want to have custom designed suit covers.

Our company, which provides all kinds of services in the field of printing and advertising along with material and design presentation, completes the design and sales process in line with customer requests and moves to the production and manufacturing phase.

Pevabag, which offers different and suitable options in terms of price, especially to our customers who want to order wholesale suit covers, delivers the product within 15 days at the latest.

In our production of brand-oriented wholesale suit covers, all the printing and advertising contents of the brands and logos of the companies are designed by our expert graphic designers and take their place on the products.

How do I place an order for personalized suit sleeves?

After the logo color and model are agreed with our designers, your custom suit cover orders will be delivered within 15 working days.

Are Pevabag suit covers waterproof?

Our suit covers are waterproof according to the fabric and material you choose.

Are Pevabag suit covers suitable for recycling?

We want to provide a healthy experience for both you and the nature by producing all our products from materials that can be recycled in nature. In addition, we aim to produce suit covers and raw cloth from 100% recycled raw materials in the near future.