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Cloth Bag Use and Social Awareness

One of the important things that can be done to make our world a better place is to change our daily habits. The long-term results of constructive behaviors and habits reveal pictures that will make people and nature smile.

The use of bags and bags is an important part of daily life. It is a social responsibility to minimize the use of plastic bags in all areas of life and to raise awareness on the subject. At this point, cloth bag models have entered our lives.

Benefits and Importance of Using Cloth Bags

It is possible to realize the behaviors, events and habits that are desired to be settled in the society, with information and awareness-raising efforts. In this regard, both public and private organizations present the issue to the society with advertisements, programs or publications and create social awareness.

That's why the importance and benefits of using cloth bags should always be shared and we should always be one step closer to building our future.

1. Tote Bags Are Eco-Friendly

Cloth bags, which are completely environmentally friendly and do not harm human health, are also healthy products that are very easy to recycle and do not contain any carcinogenic substances.

2. Tote Bags Are Long-Lasting and Durable

With the longevity and durability of cloth bags, you can carry the products carried by disposable plastic bags more comfortably and easily. Many materials can be transported safely due to its texture that can be used for many years.

3. Tote Bags Are Economical

One of the benefits of using cloth bags is that they are economical as well as healthy. You can use a tote bag to carry a variety of items over and over, and then recycle it too.

4. Tote Bags Are Our Future

Since nature-friendly cloth bags do not contain any chemicals and are completely nature-friendly, they are important in leaving a better tomorrow and a livable world to future generations.

 A Good News… An Important Warning!

Thanks to cloth bags, which are preferred instead of plastic bags, the use of which is banned in thousands of countries, it is possible to prevent environmental pollution by 40% in just one month.

All Public and Private Institutions Should Be Informed and Encouraged About Cloth Bags

In our world where consumption is increasing rapidly, public institutions and private organizations must fulfill their social responsibility by using cloth bags in order to make the use of cloth bags a habit in daily life. Companies that use cloth bags decorated with their own brands and logos gain many other benefits besides the benefits of using cloth bags

1. Tote Bags Are An Effective Advertising Method

Cloth bags, which are one of the most effective advertising products, are an important promotional product in outdoor advertising as they are constantly on the move in the hands of users, in their homes, workplaces and in all public spaces. Thus, cloth bags ensure the circulation of the advertised organization in the long-term social life.

2. Ideal for Short Distance Travel

We can put our personal belongings, computers and chargers in cloth bags that we can easily carry when leaving the house for short trips or daily visits. In addition, we can easily and safely carry all our personal belongings that we do not want to put in the suitcase on long trips, by putting them in cloth bags.

3. Robustness…

Especially women like to carry a lot of stuff in their bags. The durability of cloth bags easily meets this need. It does not get punctured like plastic bags, and it carries out the transport job safely.

4. Creates Affordable Affordable Habit

 Cloth bags are low in cost as they can be used for a long time. Purchasing tote bags of different colors and designs for different items makes it even more enjoyable to use.

5. Cloth Bags Can Be Considered As A Public Service About Awareness

Text can be printed on the cloth bags. In this way, impressive, short, striking messages related to all subjects and fields that can create social awareness are printed on cloth bags, thus reaching large masses.

Non-governmental organizations or institutions can use promotional cloth bags to draw attention to a particular issue. We help create social awareness by carrying these bags, which are sometimes made for endangered animals and sometimes to increase environmental awareness.

Tote Bag Manufacturers: Pevabag, Tote Bag Design Process

Pevabag, which is the choice of many brands and companies with its quality and reliability, attaches great importance to the design stage in the production of tote bags.

Customer requests and demands are carefully listened by our expert staff and a presentation is prepared for the desired cloth bag model. All the information and details required before manufacturing are determined in the designed cloth bag.

-Fabric and color to be used

-Size and weight

-Model and design details

-Accessories to be used

-Paint and printing properties

Cloth Bag Making and Manufacturing

Cloth bags, designed in Pevabag and whose sample presentation is determined, are delivered in 15 days after the production process is completed in the number requested by the customer.

Can we print logo on pevabag tote bags?

Pevabag offers you a personalized experience by applying your logo and company designs to tote bags.

Do I protect nature with a Pevabag tote bag?

All our tote bags are made from naturally recyclable materials, thus investing in the future.