About Us​

About Us​


About Our Company

Peva Tekstil is a professional gamboç production company that has been operating in an open area of 10,000 m2 and a closed area of 4,200 m2 with 100 employees since 2002.

It is the largest production facility in Turkey and Europe with an annual production capacity of 4 million gamboç. It has been the choice of many big brands with its quality and reliability. It continues to grow with new business partners added to its portfolio every year. It will continue to carry your brand and style in the future without sacrificing quality.

Raw Materials We Use

FPP NONWOVEN (Polypropylene Non Woven Non Woven Fiber) It is the indispensable material of the non-woven packaging industry and the cheapest fabric in the world.

The recycling time in nature is very short. It helps to disappear in a short time under natural conditions such as sun and water. At the same time, it is a recyclable material. It is a breathable fabric, although it is water repellant, it does not have a waterproof feature. The recommended weight is a minimum of 65 grams.

Two types of printing inks are used, water-based and solvent-based, and on-product marking operations are carried out with printing systems such as silk screen, embroidery, hot foil and transfer. The printing technique used is determined entirely by customer preference. Solvent is used for metallic colors such as gold and silver, and water-based paint is used for opaque colors.

COTTON ( Raw Cloth)

Raw cloth, which comes to mind first when it comes to nature-friendly material, is one of the leading 100% cotton fabrics. It is produced in 140, 180, 200, 300 gr ranges, and certified versions have also become very popular.

They are ecological products that do not harm the nature, produced in various colors and prints as dyed and raw colors and used for a long time.


Made using polyester threads, these fabrics are extremely durable. The packages produced with Imperteks fabrics provide the opportunity to be used for a very long time, giving the chance to use the same packaging repeatedly, not in a disposable form.

These fabrics, which are generally used in the production of bags and gamboç, have a great variety of quality.