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Special Occasions with Evening Dress Cover

We hope our special days go flawlessly. The time, the place, the weather, and especially the dresses…all should be as we imagined.

Maybe we can make the day better by making the right choices in time and place. However, it is possible to preserve the dresses that were meticulously sewn months ago with the same care, with a good evening dress sheath.

The Place of Dress Covers in Our Special Occasions

The concept of living, which has the same meaning as existing, is the physical survival of human beings. However, it is only possible for this to express spiritual process and value in one way: to participate in life!

Through which door do we join the life for which we love? I'm sure the first thing that comes to mind for all of us is special moments and days. The more special moments and days we have had, the more intensely we feel that we have participated in life.

Our graduation ball, our birthdays, our cousin's wedding, our father's promotion dinner, our neighbor's circumcision, the seminars we are speakers of...

The longer we extend this list, the greater our joy in life and our power of representation. The dress preparations we made days before make us look forward to those moments. Being the bride and groom at our own wedding! If you listen, you can hear the heartbeat of even thought.

The only thing we think about from the very beginning of our special moments is that all eyes will be on us when we step through that door.

The surest way to avoid easy reading of our thoughts and concerns is that the costume we wear is dazzling and represents us in the best possible way.

What about our evening dresses that we bought with care, or that we have been sewing for days, and that we photographed from at least 100 different angles? Moreover, our favorite wedding dress and groom suits for our wedding, which is one of the most special nights of our lives?

Our special clothes should be protected and guarded until the moment they are on us, so to speak, they should be taken care of like babies. Because evening dresses and wedding dresses are very detailed costumes in terms of their fabrics and workmanship.

You can think of the evening dress cover as the packaging or protection of your dresses. TDK literally means sheaths, also known as dress covers. With its safe transport conditions and sheltered structure, a quality dress cover will not let anyone down.

Benefits of Using Evening Dress Covers

On our special days, we wander around, and we may not know where we are going or what we are doing. In short, our minds are in the air. This excitement of ours may affect our ability to protect our clothes well. A well-made garment cover prevents wrinkles, protects against dirt and protects from moisture. Naturally, none of us would like our expensive and special dresses or evening dresses to deteriorate. In order not to be stranded, an evening dress cover produced in quality standards provides us some benefits;

1. A well-shaped dress cover protects and preserves the shape of our evening dress.

2. What if it rains? The janitor if he's watering the lawn? Provides durability against wet and dry conditions.

3. You probably don't want to sneeze all night long... Dress covers should not contain allergic and toxic materials.

4. The wedding dress cover protects our dress decorated with satins, linen, stones against hair formation, tearing or shedding.

5. When we take that first step, we want to welcome people with a clear image; It removes wrinkles at a certain level.

Pevabag: Dress Cover

pevabag; It aims to deliver the evening dress covers that suit and complement the product quality of the brands in the textile world, with its professional staff and production time, to the end user.

Our dress covers brand, which has gained a respected place in the market, provides customer satisfaction by expanding its product range day by day. It provides production in the most suitable forms and sizes for all clothing choices in the textile world. If we take a look at our dress cover models;

1. Suit Covers

2. Evening Dress Covers

3. Wedding Dress Covers

4. Casual Dress Covers

All of our varieties are produced in desired sizes, using nonwoven, impertex, peva and cotton fabric options. Sheath weight selection is also evaluated depending on the customer's request.

Hangers, zippers, pockets and prints to be used are brought together with the product in line with quality. Our wicker pattern model has been registered by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. Our wicker pattern covers, which have high fabric and design quality, have become a preferred model that many brands use safely in the market.

Why are we preferred in the industry?

For our wholesale dress cover sales;

1. It is very important for us that our customers find an answer to what they want with all the information and details we will give in our preliminary meetings.

2. The dress cover designs that we will create by closely witnessing the brands and styles of the companies we work with ensure the successful completion of the whole process.

3. Dress cover design details (size, color, fabric, additional accessories to be used) are created and presented to the customer.

4. Our dress covers are produced as printed in accordance with the brand, and brands that sell evening dresses aim to provide a long-term advertisement.

5. All wholesale dress cover offers to our customers; It is prepared taking into account the deadline and delivery times;

Sample Evening Dress Cover Production

Our evening dress cover (dress cover) production for the brands in the evening dress industry is produced from 100% recycled nonwoven fabrics.

Optionally, it places the front print on the right or left side, and the rear print on the upper middle part of the product. This is a factor that helps ensure the brand's advertising and credibility.

In our wedding dress covers, zippers, pockets and other accessories are generally used in full length, in desired colors.

The measurements are sewn according to the size of the dress, starting from 60 cm in width and 150 cm in length. Thanks to completely customizable sewing, it can be in many different sizes and colors.

While Pevabag is a collaborator of companies with the production of wholesale evening dress covers, it also aims to add value to special occasions. A dress's best friend is a good dress sleeve.