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Speed ​​and Quality in Wholesale Dress Cover Production

The strong entrepreneurial spirit is truly complemented by the ability to respond quickly to orders, large or small, as well as their experience in providing quality service to the consumer. In fact, this feature gives manufacturers a significant competitive advantage over their competitors.

The world is moving fast. Trends, machines, styles, markets and almost every detail that will affect the production phase can change at any time.

For this reason, whatever the product you produce, it is always the ratio of speed and quality that occupies the top place in consumer decisions.

As in every sector, the speed and quality of wholesale or retail orders are of great importance in the textile sector. Whether our production area is fabric, accessories, ready-made clothing or dress covers… Regardless of the content, quantity or style of the order, a fast and high-quality production ensures that it becomes the consumer's choice.

Pevabag completes retail and wholesale garment cover production by utilizing its young and motivated workforce, completed textile chain and extensive raw material production bases in the domestic market. In addition to being close to the domestic and international markets, having a wide product variety and flexible production structure, it has achieved a rapid rise in the garment cover production sector with its performance in the speed quality curve.

Fast and High Quality Wholesale Production

Today, increasing product and service alternatives and customer needs and expectations have brought the need to meet these needs even more prominently. The consumer evaluates the performance of a product they want one or a thousand units, by considering many variables, one step ahead of them is speed/quality.

In fact, at the end of the sales process, “How would you rate your experience?” When sending a general survey on the subject, the average of the answers given to the sub-headings of that question creates the score you will receive.

“How was the order process? Did the manufacturer listen to me? Was the product design what I wanted? Was the product of good quality? How long did it take to receive the product?” like dozens of questions and dozens of answers. Maybe the process didn't go well at first or the design might have been changed many times; but each of these stages has managed to reach a conclusion at some point. However, when it comes to quality and time, the return of the work may not be possible anymore. For this reason, dissatisfaction at these stages completely affects the customer experience.

Wholesale Production, Marketing and Branding

Production quality and speed are giving more and more importance to the intended marketing concept and marketing strategy. Branding, on the other hand, is the most important end goal of the marketing strategy and is evaluated within this framework. For this reason, each production process provides you with an organic marketing and branding power.

Marketing strategy approaches in Pevabag vision; It refers to developments in technology and consumer preferences in parallel. The correct understanding of these approaches and their proportionality with consumer needs and expectations are important for companies that act accordingly to gain competitive power and ultimately in the branding process.

Speed ​​and Quality in Wholesale Dress Cover Production

Suppose you are ordering a wholesale dress cover for your apparel company. You have contacted the manufacturer; you choose dress cover design, colors, models; You have planned for production. Maybe it took a week, maybe a month; however, you eventually got to the point where you would approve to start production. After that, the ball passes to the manufacturer. Now you want to receive the dress cover of the design you approved, on the scheduled date.

A manufacturer with the capacity, raw materials and workforce required for the quality production and fast delivery of the garment cover easily meets the customer's expectations. In another way, we can call it a manufacturer with high production capabilities. Production capabilities are defined as the ability of a manufacturer to compete in the market through its production system, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, delivery and quality.

As a result, working with a company with high production capabilities greatly reduces the risk factors in your wholesale dress cover orders.

Renewing and developing its production capabilities day by day, Peva Tekstil's vision has been appreciated in the real market. It increased its production capacity in line with its increasing customer portfolio; has accelerated the working and delivery processes with new business partners at home and abroad.

How does PevaBag ensure speed and quality in wholesale garment cover production?

1. Aiming to provide a good service, he stays in touch with the customer on every detail at the planning stage and comes to an agreement.

2. He makes the most suitable design for the brand by talking about all the details that can be personalized for the design.

3. It aims to produce gamboç by using quality materials and thus maintains the quality at every stage from production to usage process. In general, Pevabag will offer you three fabric options. Non-woven, cotton and impertex. Although each fabric has its differences, quality and performance are at the forefront in all of them.

4. It provides a perfect production with the latest technology production machines. In Pevabag, state-of-the-art industrial sewing machines are used with its 4,000 m2 open and 2,000 m2 closed area and its annual production capacity of gamboç reaching 4 million.

5. Combining the quality it provides with fabric and design with the speed of state-of-the-art industrial sewing machines, it aims to deliver within 15 working days at the latest.

How long does it take to manufacture and deliver wholesale dress covers?

The planning process lasts until the customer is happy. However, production and delivery are completed within 15 working days.

Can I place a retail garment cover order?

Some wholesale garment cover manufacturers may be closed to retail sales. However, Pevabag reaches the end user with retail sales besides wholesale dress cover production.

Why Pevabag?

With its 20 years of industry experience, Pevabag supports first class workmanship, service quality, durability and the use of environmentally friendly raw materials. For this reason, you can present each garment cover produced to the end user with peace of mind.