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What is Dress Cover and Why Should We Use Dress Covers to Dress Well?

Dressing well has now become a social rule and even has a cultural value. This is not about spending the world's money, but looking right. Think about it, a well-dressed person not only feels good about himself, but also shows that he respects others for his work. Have you ever heard of the broken windows theory? If someone starts not paying attention to something [our topic is dressing], the glass will continue to crack. You probably wouldn't want to see someone attending the meeting in their pajamas… Unfortunately, this culture is on the verge of disappearing, considering that dressing well can only be maintained when the most elegant combinations are made from luxury and expensive brands. However, looking good is almost equivalent to protecting and storing clothes correctly. Right here, these clothes covers that we call “Dress Covers” come into our lives. I wonder what this Dress Cover is, why do we need it to dress well, why clothing brands should use Dress Covers, let's talk a little bit.

What is Dress Cover?

Dress Cover, also known as clothing cover, in its simplest form, is a product produced to protect the form of clothing, especially suits. Dress Cover is used for designers, fashion industry workers and everyone beyond that to keep their clothes clean and tidy indoors or outdoors. It is as important as a suitcase, especially for people who are constantly on the go. What a gym bag is for a casual weekend getaway, the Dress Cover is indispensable for weekday travels. A small bag will do the trick for everyday essentials like T-shirts, pants and shorts, but carrying suits and ironed clothes requires a practical and effective solution. Thus, while running from meeting to meeting, Dress Cover provides the correct protection of suits that remain stuffy and wrinkled in the suitcase for hours. For designers and retailers alike, it's important to always have a quality Dress Cover ready because sometimes clothes need to be cleaned or changed as quickly as possible due to disruptions. At this point, clothes protected with Dress Cover rush to help. Not necessarily in the business and fashion sectors, now almost all of us know that clothes should protect while traveling or in daily life. Dress Cover provides protection for elegant dresses, evening wear, even casual wear.

Why Is It Important To Use Dress Covers?

You may not have thought much of it. But why we care about our clothes, here is why! Dressing well is a form of etiquette, so keeping clothes well is just as valuable. Whether you're on your way to work or on a date, clothes are an important part of who you are. When you want to look your best, you need a Dress Cover to help you do that. The right garment cover can help you protect the clothes you love so much. A dirty, wrinkled, rumpled outfit is unlikely to show itself. At first, not the model of the outfit, but the wrinkles will probably attract attention. To avoid this, it is very useful to use Dress Cover. So, Why should we use Dress Cover? To protect clothes from dust, rain and mud To add a higher quality feel to the product

Since the clothes do not need to be ironed repeatedly

Because it is ergonomic

Because it is light

If a brand is involved, it will generate positive feedback for the brand.

Because it prevents the clothes from being deformed

What will the benefits of Dress Cover give you?

It will allow you to carry a few shirts, pants or skirts in your bag for last minute wardrobe changes.

It will make it easier for you to sort your clothes by color and fabric type.

It will allow you to use the side pockets of the Dress Covers for belts, jewelry and other accessories.

Most Dress Covers are collapsible by design so they can be stored easily and don't take up much space when not in use. And because they are light, you will not feel pain while carrying all these clothes… With these features, using Dress Cover becomes both easy and important. In short, the Dress Cover is the perfect way to protect your clothes from creases and potential damage.

What Materials Is Dress Cover Made Of?

Today, Dress Covers are made from a wide variety of materials, from the finest leathers to simple cotton or durable/light nylon. Also available in a variety of colors and styles, these Dress Covers can be used individually or as part of a matching set.

A Dress Cover usually has a zippered finish, carrying handles, snaps, and removable shoulder straps for added convenience. The bird eyes placed on the bottom provide a foldable feature for the clothes to fit properly and securely. On top of all that, some brands also add handy side pockets and lock options to their designs.

A Dress Cover can be produced in many shapes, sizes, colors, materials and designs, depending on how you want to use it and your needs as a professional designer or retailer. Dress Cover is just as open to any customization as an outfit design! In fact, they themselves consist of several different varieties;

1. First comes the classic Dress Cover variant. It is an ergonomic design designed to protect a single garment in daily life.

2. Secondly, there are Dress Covers with long handles and basic hangers that can hold about ten to twelve garments.

3. The third type of Dress Cover is the accordion bag, which expands when you pull it. This type of bag can fit more than twelve clothes in it and can be easily stored in a closet.

4. The fourth type of garment cover is the rolling Dress Cover. This type is most common among retailers with larger quantities of clothing to store and transport.

5. The fifth type of Dress Cover is like a mobile pantry. These styles are used by stylists and make-up artists in the entertainment industry as they carry their own wardrobes on set.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Dress Cover?

After all the features and benefits we have listed, we seem to hear you asking how to choose the best Dress Cover. What should we pay attention to when choosing the right Dress Cover to both provide a good experience to the end user and add value to clothing brands?

The fact that it can be personalized is of great importance, especially for clothing brands. Dress Covers with logos and designed from brand colors allow to stand out, to be remembered and to be remembered *well* again and again, thus creating a loyal customer profile. On the user's side, customizable https://pevabag.com/tr/urunler/gamboc-dress-kilifi is important in order to categorize the clothes, feel good and be organized.

Dress Covers, which are produced from quality materials, can be used for many years without losing their form, as well as being worth the brand.

Accordingly, different garments may require the use of different material Dress Covers. Therefore, Dress Covers, which are made of suitable material, extend the life of the clothes and increase their protection.

The appropriate product should be selected in terms of size and weight. Choosing Dress Covers suitable for the form and size of the garment provides a more accurate protection.

Being foldable is important for saving space and also for travel use.

The use of recyclable materials is a big plus for our world, beyond the brand and the end user.

Maybe we can list many more reasons, but these are the things to pay attention to in the first place. Well, let's say we evaluated them, where will we find the most correct Dress Cover? Pevabag can provide you with these and more.

How Pevabag Dress Cover Protects Your Clothes?

Peva Tekstil is a professional Dress Cover production company that has been operating in a 4.000 m2 open and 2.000 m2 closed area with 80 employees since 2002. It is the largest production facility in Turkey and Europe with an annual production capacity of 4 million Dress Covers. It has been the choice of many big brands with its quality and reliability. It continues to grow with new business partners added to its portfolio every year.

Thanks to the experience that comes with production at this speed and volume, we consider many requirements. At Pevabag, we aim to make it possible to take the clothing culture to the next level by producing Dress Covers in different styles, patterns, materials and shapes. So what do we provide?

Choosing the right material is the most basic stage of production, so we offer different options;


Non-woven is the indispensable material of the packaging industry and the cheapest fabric in the world. Thanks to its special technology, it is liquid repellent, flexible, durable, fire retardant and antibacterial. Thanks to its breathable structure, it prevents the formation of bad odors caused by humidity and humidity in the product you package. The recycling time in nature is very short. It helps to disappear in a short time in natural conditions such as sun and water. It is also a recyclable material. It is a breathable fabric, but although it has water repellency, it is not waterproof.

Cotton (Raw Clothing)

When it comes to nature-friendly materials, the first thing that comes to mind is raw clothing and it is one of the 100% cotton fabrics. Cotton Dress Covers are produced in the range of 140, 180, 200, 300 gr. They are ecological products that are produced in various colors and prints as dyed and raw colors and used for a long time.


These fabrics, produced from polyester threads, are extremely durable. The packages produced with Imperteks fabrics provide the opportunity to be used for a very long time and give the chance to use the same packaging repeatedly instead of disposable. These fabrics, which are generally used in the production of bags and nonwovens, have a wide variety of qualities.

We care about recycling, because we love our world.

We want to provide a healthy experience for both you and the nature by producing all our products from materials that can be recycled in nature.

We increase product value with our personalization options.

Now that everything has become an advertising tool, we adapt the same to the industry. Clothing brands can provide a personalized experience to their users by making their own specially designed Dress Covers.

We produce in different sizes and forms, suitable for clothing.

If the garment is to be protected better with a Dress Cover in a square form, we produce it that way, if a round form is more appropriate, we produce a Dress Cover. Thus, we optimize the protection of the garment.

Whether you're a fashion lover, a clothing industry worker, a frequent business traveler, or a world traveler, a Dress Cover will surely make your life easier and allow you to do something for the culture of dressing well. Not just for suits and special occasion wear You can put all your clothes and your life in order. It's not too late to organize your closet and protect your clothes in the best way possible with Pevabag!