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While continuing to live, human beings use thousands of products to help them every time they join life. Clothes, shoes, shopping, books and many more materials...

We want to have a bag that we need to put any of the things we carry with us in our daily life.

Cloth bags, which are used in thousands of areas, facilitate the carrying process, are environmentally friendly, and do not fall into our hands with both their designs and useful fabrics... Now, let's take a look at the general features of these bags and get to know them better.

1. Cotton (Rawbee) Bags: Raw cloths are known as a natural fabric type obtained from cotton fiber. It is important for the fabrics that cloth bags are produced that they do not absorb moisture and have a breathable structure. At the same time, it is suitable for sewing, embroidery, dyeing and printing. The fact that it is used in bag production makes raw cloths the reason for preference.

1. Nonwoven Bags: Nonwoven fabrics used in tote bags are one of the fabric options that have many advantages in the production stages and usage processes of the bags. Ultrasonic bags, which are a special version of nonwoven fabrics, have also become a preferred type of nonwoven fabric in the production of cloth bags with their laminated texture.

Tote Bag Models and Wholesale Tote Bag Sales

The fact that cloth bags can be produced in desired sizes, content can be produced on logo and branding, and different designs are presented to customers have led to the increase in wholesale cloth bag sales and gaining popularity day by day.

Recycled Fabric

With the increasing world population, the scope of production and consumption is also increasing. The raw materials used for production pollute the nature and cause global warming. Thanks to the sensitivity of people all over the world and the safe production, we can stand against such events to some extent.

Plastic bags, especially used in shopping, cause great harm to humanity as they contain petroleum-derived products by disrupting the ecological balance. Therefore, the use of plastic bags should be reduced for the protection of both nature and people. The attitude towards plastic bags and closeness to cloth bags, which have started to become social responsibility both in the world and in our country, have brought a very successful result.

The use of plastic bags has been reduced and environmentally friendly cloth bag models have been produced instead. The use of recycled fabrics in tote bags provides an environmentally friendly approach. This situation represents our country successfully in the international market, especially in the nature-friendly packaging sector.

Companies that produce cloth bag models from recycled Nonwoven PP fabrics with ultrasonic welded production technique serve thousands of companies in our country.

Advertising Feature of Tote Bags

Cloth bags are shaped with different production methods using alternative fabrics. While protecting the products inside, it gains advertisement feature with visual application. Thus, companies realize the customization by adding their logos and brands to daily life.

Cloth Bag Production in Pevabag

Our tote bags, which we produce, have a rich range to meet every need, on the way we set out to protect nature and to manufacture quality, stylishly designed products for our customers.

- Our cloth bags produced from cotton and nonwoven fabrics are evaluated, designed and manufactured according to customer requests and usage conditions.

-Design and production are made in special sizes and dimensions. Our designs, which are presented with different options, are converted into production in a short time.

All kinds of images are created and personalized on our cloth bags with the desired printing type.

Stylish printed promotional tote bags are produced for every brand and company, suitable for every activity and every activity.

It becomes very pleasant for them to present their catalogs, samples or promotions to their customers with cloth bags that have been printed with their own logos.

Features of Pevabag Tote Bags

-Easily cleanable

-Producing from fabrics suitable for sewing and embroidery

- Being nature friendly

- Suitable for printing (screen printing, printing, digital)

-Using dyeable fabrics

-No transparency

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