Customized Wholesale Garment Cover Production for Branding

Customized Wholesale Garment Cover Production for Branding

Customized Wholesale Garment Cover Production for Branding

All meticulously produced garments must be enclosed in dress covers that have the same care and creativity criteria. At this point, when producing wholesale dress cover, it is important to go to the beginning and know the basics of the textile industry and to produce in accordance with clothing brands.

Since the beginning of the 1990s, the textile industry has been very active in Turkey, as it has been everywhere in the world. The ever-changing and ever-developing world of fashion has also shown its effect in our country, and with this effect, it has expanded its scale..

Taking firm steps towards branding and making its presence sustainable in the sector has become the main goal of all manufacturers today. Every company that has crossed the threshold of domestic recognition aims to open its doors to the whole world.



BRANDING! How exciting… What does the product produced, regardless of its class or subject, target?

1. A beautiful seat that will settle into its own class… Being accepted both in the sector and in the world.

2.Successfully creating all parameters covering the production process.

3. With its quality and presentation, where advertising comes into play, realizing the principle of awareness Successfully creating all parameters covering the production process.

All brands in the product range in the textile industry are directly or indirectly connected to each other by invisible threads. Until all the products in the market are in the hands of the consumer, they definitely meet at one point on this road and unite.


Regardless of the product you produce; There are many issues you have to think about.

1. Goal

2. Planning

3. Organization

4. Management

5. Coordination

6. Audit

These criteria we have mentioned constitute the basic process of an enterprise. At every stage, the procurement issues required to realize the target and reveal the product provide contact with other companies.

Companies in the clothing sector; supplies the materials they need during production from other companies with which they cooperate. However, this does not apply only to the planning until the product comes out.

The clothes, which will take their place in the market with a lot of effort and time, have now been completed and the most important step for the future is their protection and transportation in the most perfect way.

Dress covers, evening dress covers, suit covers, wedding dress-groom covers… Companies that produce and sell clothing industry should choose the right companies with which they will cooperate in dress cover. The clothes that emerge at the end of the whole laborious process should be transferred to their place with a safe shelter.

As for our clothes in question, the value we give them should be in cooperation with the garment covers in which they are preserved.

Collaboration with Pevabag in the Production of Garment Covers

The developments in the world in the sector were examined and within the scope of these developments; It aimed to create its own quality by evaluating the production characteristics of the textile and ready-made clothing industry, sectoral specialization, and proximity to the markets. Also for the manufacturing industry; employment, production and exports. Sustainability of competitiveness in the sector is of great importance.

Dress cover production in Turkey, the industry in general, has entered the maturity period today. The production of dress covers, which found its value in developed countries in the past, has started to shift to our country and paved the way for branding..

In this context, it is necessary to evaluate fashion, branding, social and environmental standards, new product models, large purchasing companies and manufacturers.

pevabag; Evaluating all the change criteria, it has created quality standards with its expert staff and has come to a position where companies want to cooperate in their wholesale dress cover needs.

Toptan Elbise Kılıfı Üretiminde Sektörel Gelişmeleri Nasıl Dört Gözle Takip Ediyoruz?

Making a wholesale production is a risky business; If all necessary developments are not followed correctly while producing dress cover in wholesale, the same problem can be suffered. Weaving structures, fabrics, sewing techniques and designs are an important vision for all companies.

Gelişen sektörde yenilikleri yakından takip eden firmalar, ortaya koyacakları ürün yelpazesinin de aynı vizyondan çıkmasını sağlar.

Taşıma ve korumasını yapacağınız kıyafetlere ait püf noktaların bilinmesi; toptan elbise kılıflarının kalitesi ve memnuniyeti konusunda başarı sağlar.

“Tüm ekonomik faaliyetlerin uluslararası standart sanayi sınıflaması” kriterleri içerisinde tekstil ve hazır giyim sektörleri sınıflandırılmaktadır.

Günümüzde bilgisayar destekli tasarım, model hazırlama, kalıp çıkarma çizim ve kesim yapılarak ürünlerin otomatize olması, elbise kılıflarının da hazır giyim gibi ayrı süreçlerden geçerek kritik noktalar konusunda paylaşımı sağlanmıştır.

Genel olarak tüketiciler ve üreticiler kaliteli giyim ürünlerinde stil ve modaya uygunluk gibi estetik ve kumaş özelliği, performans özellikleri ararken; aynı şekilde toptan elbise kılıfları üretiminde de bu kriterler göz önünde bulundurulmaktadır.

Hazır giyim ve özel tasarımlı kıyafetlerde nasıl ki temel belirleyici moda ise, elbise kılıflarının da temel belirleyicisi kalite ve dayanıklılıktır.

How Do We Use Creativity While Producing Wholesale Gamboches?

Determining the fashion is primarily a design study. Creativity is the most important factor that directs Dress coverdesign, as it is in all design works.

All the clothes that have been created with care should be put in the dress covers that have the same care and creativity criteria. Every garment we deem valuable should be combined with valuable covers..

At this point, Pevabag, while producing wholesale dress covers for companies, produces different designs and models at the same creativity level, being aware of the breadth of its product range.

Clothing brands have to align the market expectations of their products with their garment covers. In this context, while the dress covers are produced, the brand and the expectations of the consumer who will use the brand should be known. Being decisive in purchasing decisions by providing an image and guarantee guarantees long-term satisfaction.

What is the Importance of Product Customization in Dress Covers?

In connection with the principle of creativity, it is inevitable for brands to cooperate with wholesale dress cover manufacturers produced with customizations worthy of their names.

Product differences such as design and brand, technology, features, accessories of dress covers enable to gain customer trust and loyalty..

If an evening dress brand aims to enter the wholesale dress cover production process, it should also consider when choosing the dress cover manufacturer that fabrics reflecting its brand value, designs based on brand colors and customizations that highlight the brand logo should be made.

At this point, Pevabag makes special designs and sewing, taking into account the requirements of the brand and its value. In cooperation with the brand, at the end of the negotiations, it comes to a conclusion on size, fabric, color and logo placement, and then proceeds to wholesale dress cover production.

You definitely have some questions within the scope of this topic, we have some answers too…

If I order wholesale dress cover from Pevabag, when will it be delivered?

It is delivered within an average of 15 working days after the necessary planning and agreement is reached. This process may vary according to the volume of production.

If I don’t like the dress cover design, what process should I follow?

Meengagement is risky. In this context, before we go into wholesale production of the product we designed, we present you with samples in both digital and real environments, and then we start production. We aim to correct any undesirable point before it goes into mass production..

Do we only produce wholesale dress cover??

Of course not. We produce at 1, at 1000. In addition to our wholesale dress cover production, we also reach the end user with retail sales.

In addition to my wholesale dress cover order, I also want covers for my bag and shoe productions, what should I do? ?

Do you think we only produce dress cover? So you are very wrong. We aim to protect other products besides clothing with the same care. That’s why we produce cloth bags for bags and shoes.

Do you think we only produce dress cover? So you are very wrong. We aim to protect other products besides clothing with the same care. That’s why we produce cloth bags for bags and shoes.