How to Place a Suit in a Suitcase?

How to Place a Suit in a Suitcase?

How to Place a Suit in a Suitcase?

A light and sturdy suitcase is an integral part of our business trips. In fact, there are suitcases today that can be used for more than just clothes – special pockets for all kinds of stuff, locks, and more.

These are the suits that are a part of you at the meetings and business dinners you attend. A good suitcase is great for carrying your business gear while traveling. However, a suit cover to protect your suit is what you really need.

No matter how good a suitcase you have, your suit is bound to get wrinkled or damaged unless it is well protected. Personal care items and perfumes in your suitcase can also leave you in a difficult situation at any time.

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about how you should use a suit cover while traveling and how you should place your suits in your suitcase.

  1. How to Place a Suit in a Suitcase?
    1. How to Pack a Suitcase for Business Travel?
    2. Suit Cover
    3. How to Put a Suit in a Suitcase in 10 Steps?
    4. Suit Cover to be Preferred for Business Travels
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      How to Pack a Suitcase for Business Travel?

      First of all, there are a few basic ways to optimally pack, pack and keep your luggage organized;1. First, it’s important to think about what you really need. If you want to save space, consider only wearing as much clothes as necessary on your business trip. 2 suits is enough for a one-week business trip.2. When packing your suitcases, choose neutral colors so that each of your clothes harmonize with each other.3. To make sure everything is neatly organized and folded, it’s best to label sections of the suitcase as “shoes”, “clothes” or “other” as needed.4. Layer everything separately and place the pieces in the suitcase. It is very important to place your daily clothes first and then your work clothes.5. Make sure to put your suits in your suitcase in the suit case.

      Suit Cover

      No matter how much you try to keep your suits in the cleanest and neatest form, wearing a suit without a suit cover can ruin your meeting or night at any moment.

      A suit cover prevents all accidents that may happen to your suit, keeps your suit organized in your suitcase and does not spoil the ironing. Therefore, it is best to use a suit case if you are going on a business trip and are taking at least two suits with you.

      Especially on short business trips, when traveling with small suitcases, it should not be forgotten that your suitcase is not designed to carry the weight of an entire business wardrobe. For this reason, you should make sure that you pack your luggage lightly and avoid stacking clothes as they are.

      How to Put a Suit in a Suitcase in 10 Steps?

      1. Make sure you have the right size suitcase 2 Make sure you have a luggage list to help you plan your trip 3 Arrange your clothes and suits neatly on a bed or floor 4 Sort your clothes by type and size 5 Double or triple your everyday clothes depending on their size 6. Place your folded clothes in your suitcase. 7. Prepare your folding suit case where you will put your suit. 8. Place your suits individually in your suit sleeve and fold them in half 9. Place your suit cover on top of the clothes you placed before 10.Be sure to close the locks on the inside and outside of your suitcase

      You should also consider how much space your luggage will take up, especially when it comes to overhead luggage on airplanes. So choosing the right size suitcase is the first step. After completing all the steps in between, finally, make sure the inner and outer locks and the lid are securely closed so that nothing gets inside and the clothes are kept in the most neat way. These tips will help you fit and protect your suit in your suitcase without any problems.

      So, what kind of suit cover should I choose for my suit?

      Suit Cover to be Preferred for Business Travels

      There are several factors to consider when choosing a suit sleeve. The type of holster you choose will depend on the type of suit you own and what you plan to use it for. So, here are some factors to consider when choosing a suit cover for business travel;

      1. The material and construction of the suit cover. A good cover will be made of durable materials that will protect the suit from scratches and dirt. Especially nonwoven suit cover fabrics are the most preferred fabric for business trips. The reason for this is that nonwoven fabrics are best stored in suitcases thanks to their liquid-repellent, robust and breathable structure.

      2. Suit cover can be closed with zipper and button.

      Zippered or buttoned dress cover should be preferred in order to prevent the suitcase from opening or getting anything inside.

      3. size of suit sleeve.

      Choose a size that fits both your suitcase and your suit. It should be wide enough to fit the front and back of the suit, but not so wide that it hangs or gathers at the sides.

      4.Proper fitting of suit sleeve.

      It should fit snugly over the suit, but not so tight that it restricts movement or makes it difficult to get in and out of the suit.


      After purchasing your suit, you need to get it ready for travel. The most important step in properly packing your suit is to actually pack it. And the best way to pack a suit is to use a suit sleeve.

      By using Pevabag suit covers, you can keep your suit neat, clean and organized in your suitcase. Pevabag suit cover protects your suit against risks such as wear, tear and damage.