How to Store Evening Dresses?

How to Store Evening Dresses?

How to Store Evening Dresses?

There may be many special days in a year when we have to wear evening dresses. Whether it’s the wedding season, holiday or parties, how to store evening dresses is always an important issue.

Evening dresses are different from casual dresses, they require special attention to make them look their best and must be carefully maintained.

We can find a lot of information about how to hide a wedding dress, but what about evening dresses? In fact, how to store evening dresses is similar to storing wedding dresses. What should we really do to best protect and store these special dresses in our wardrobe?

  1. How to Store Evening Dresses?
    1. How to Store Evening Dresses?
    2. Storing Evening Dresses in 3 Steps
    3. How to Store Evening Dress in a Dress Case?
    4. Dos and Don’ts When Storing Evening Dresses

      How to Store Evening Dresses?

      Protecting your stylish clothes deserves attention and care. When it comes to storing evening dresses, the process is similar to preserving a wedding dress, so here are the four most important things to consider in wardrobe organization and clothing storage solutions.


      How to clean evening dresses? First, have the garment professionally cleaned. Do not store uncleaned clothing or the stains will become permanent.


      Store your special clothing in a cool place where they will not be exposed to moisture or heat.


      Sunlight isn’t your clothes’ best friend. Intense light will cause colors to fade and even damage delicate fabrics, so the best solution to keep your clothes away from the light is to use an evening dress cover and store it in the wardrobe.


      Moisture encourages mold growth, so be sure to store your specialty clothes in a dry area.

      Storing Evening Dresses in 3 Steps

      1. Clean Your Evening Dress

      Before cleaning the evening dress, you should remind yourself that you should not hide any clothes that you know you will never wear again. If you plan to wear it again in the future, the first thing you should do after parties or events is to clean it. Do not store any clothing that has not been cleaned, otherwise the stains will become permanent and may attract insect species to the storage area.

      We recommend that you take your evening dress to the dry cleaners for a thorough and professional cleaning. You can clean it yourself if the label instructions allow, but please make sure you know what type of fabric your dress is made of and that it has been cleaned properly with a mild detergent.

      Particular care should be taken when washing satin dresses. How to clean satin evening dress? Make sure to wash your satin clothes by hand using cold water and detergents with delicate properties.

      2.Keep your items inside the dress covers

      After the cleaning phase of your evening dress, you should now proceed to the storage phase. No matter how much you clean your clothes, their delicate structures and fabrics will cause dust collection. For this reason, you should go to the wardrobe stage by placing your evening dresses in a dress cover.

      There are evening dress covers in every price range, in every fabric, in every size. For this, you can examine the online markets of dress cover manufacturers such as Pevabag.

      When choosing your evening dress cover, especially try not to choose nylon. The protection performance of fabric covers is always higher. In addition, plastic materials can damage your clothes, cause it to smell or deteriorate over time.

      3. Keep your evening dresses in a cool, dry and dark environment.

      Keeping your special clothes in dark, cool and dry environments is very important for the long-term protection of the evening dress. You should not forget that evening dress fabrics are very delicate and delicate. For this reason, you should always keep evening dresses in the wardrobe, dry and cool.

      How to Store in an Evening Dress Case?

      Depending on your closet system and space, you can hang, box or fold your evening dress covers. If you have a closet system that houses long-hanging garments, you can hang long sleeves or suit sleeves. If you don’t have the space, you can choose to store boxes where you can stack several covers, or to fold them into shelves. Here are some ways you can store your dress covers;

      1. Strap Evening Dress Sheaths

      The advantage of hanging an evening dress sleeve is to avoid wrinkles that are difficult to remove. If you have a high-quality hanging sheath that can support the weight of the dress—especially if the dress has beads or other embellishments—it is strongly recommended to choose this storage method.

      2.Foldable Evening Dress Covers

      Thoroughly clean a sturdy cardboard storage box or shelf. Carefully position your dresses, especially heavily beaded ones, into the dress sleeve, starting at the hem first. Afterwards, you can fold the dress covers you have placed your clothes on at the folding points and put them in boxes or shelves.

      Dos and Don’ts When Storing Evening Dresses

      What to do;

      -Store your evening dress in a cool place where it will not be exposed to moisture or heat.

      -Always keep your evening dress away from direct light. Intense light causes colors to fade or dull and even damage delicate fabrics.

      -Store your evening dress in a dry place as dampness encourages mold growth which will damage the dress.

      -Store your evening dress in a non-nylon evening dress sleeve so it can breathe.

      -If your evening dress has sleeves and deep folds, fill these places with cotton, fabric or handkerchief to maintain the shape of your evening dress.

      What not to do;

      -Do not store your evening dress in a plastic dress case, especially when it comes to suede and leather evening dresses. The plastic can become damp and stick to the suit, which can ultimately ruin the suit.

      -If you choose to store it in the box, do not store it in the basement or attic. Because cardboard can expose your clothes to insects or rodents.

      -Do not store your evening dress in the back of your closet, as this can cause wrinkles and damage the dress.