Kraft Bags Are With Us In Every Area Of Life

Kraft Bags Are With Us In Every Area Of Life

Kraft Bags Are With Us In Every Area Of Life

We live in an age where interest in organic products is increasing. The fact that all product groups we need in daily life are made of natural materials is very important in terms of both human health and nature friendliness. In this way, while the companies make the consumers who are comfortable while using them happy, they also approach their sales and marketing goals.

The popularity of paper usage is increasing day by day and it completes the content of contemporary life criteria in terms of the perception it creates. Kraft bags enter our lives at this point and continue their journey in every aspect of our lives.

Pevabag is a company that has been operating in its sector since 2002, producing professional dress cover and bags. The quality of KRAFT bags, the use of which is increasing in parallel with the changing life standards, is increasing day by day and it serves its customers with different designs.

  1. Kraft Bags Are With Us In Every Area Of Life
    1. What is a Kraft bag?
    2. What is kraft paper?
    3. Why kraft bag?
    4. Types of Kraft Cardboard Bags
    5. Importance of Kraft bags as a brand face
  2. Kraft Bag: Frequently Asked Questions
    1. 1.Delivery times
    2. 2. Manufacture of printed kraft bags
    3. 3. Packing system of kraft bags
    4. 4. The design phase of kraft bags

      What is a Kraft bag?

      First of all, if we define the concept of kraft paper, we come across a very artistic, attractive, robust and durable product..

      What is kraft paper?

      Kraft paper; It is a type of paper that comes out through the long cooking processes of strong fibers obtained from the bark of durable trees. This type of paper, which is especially preferred by people whose profession is design and drawing, is also carefully used by bag manufacturers with its attractive natural structure.

      Kraft bags have become a particularly preferred bag model for brands and their customers, as they are designed both with the attractive natural structure of the paper type and without deteriorating the organic structure during production.

      “Brands Prefer Kraft Bags.”

      Why kraft bag?

      When we look at all the companies in the market today, they usually give the products they will deliver to their customers by placing them in kraft bags. With its modern stance and organic structure, kraft bags continue to be the face of brands, while also fulfilling the advertising task of their company.

      Let’s take a look at the reasons why companies prefer kraft bags;

      1. It is visually impressive, solid and durable in content.

      2. In terms of responsibility towards nature, its use is healthy and its recycling is sustainable.

      3.It is highly resistant to moisture and odor.

      4. It is a type of product whose durability can be increased according to its weight.

      5. It is produced from certified papers.

      6. It can be manufactured as printed or unprinted.

      7. It can be designed in the desired dimensions and dimensions according to the customer’s request.

      8. It is produced with or without a handle. It can be produced with auger handle without disturbing its organic structure.

      9. Designs are made in line with the identity characteristics of the brands, and logos and advertising slogans are also printed.

      Types of Kraft Cardboard Bags

      Kraft cardboard bags consist of some main types for needs.

      Twisted Handle Kraft Bag

      Flat Handle Kraft Bag

      Printed Kraft Cardboard Bag

      Drawstring Kraft Paper Bag

      Metallized Kraft Bag

      Importance of Kraft bags as a brand face

      The importance of sales and marketing for companies in the retail and service sector is increasing day by day. Awareness of brands and activities in advertising areas gain great importance. Bags, which are used as alternative advertising products, continue to attract the attention of customers by renewing their faces.

      The quality of the brand and the quality of the packaging are always directly proportional to the sales. KRAFT bags thus become an alternative advertising tool for the company as a product enjoyed by the consumer with the contemporary perception it creates.

      With their stylish and simple designs, kraft bags also take their place as the packaging products preferred by every company as organic products with their natural scents.

      Kraft Bag: Frequently Asked Questions

      1.Delivery times

      Kraft bags, whose design and agreement conditions have been fulfilled, are delivered to our customers within 15 days.

      2. Manufacture of printed kraft bags

      Kraft bags, which are printed with the Flexo system, are glued with hot glue on the machine park and manufactured without human touch.

      3. Packing system of kraft bags

      Depending on their size and weight, 200 or 250 kraft bags are placed in boxes and packaging is completed.

      4. The design phase of kraft bags

      Kraft bags are designed by evaluating all the information about the company and the brand, and working on logos and slogans. A visual draft is prepared according to the desired size and weight.