Unique and Special Dress Cover Designs

Unique and Special Dress Cover Designs

Unique and Special Dress Cover Designs

The first step in production is the idea! Understanding customer needs and brand value; then creating original designs by working on these ideas with pleasure…

Making customizable designs in the production of dress covers is as important as the design of the dress carried inside. Because every clothing brand absolutely aims to protect its own products and designs with quality clothing covers suitable for brand faces.

Where should the brand emblem be positioned? What fabric and colors should be used in the dress cover? Which complementary accessories should be used on the dress cover?

All of these questions should be considered at the “idea” stage to have a personalized experience. Moreover, clothing brands can provide their users with a personalized experience by making specially designed clothing covers.

  1. Unique and Special Dress Cover Designs
    1. Customization in Dress Cover Production
    2. Planning
    3. Customize
    4. Sample
    5. Communication
  2. What Can Be Personalized in a Dress Cover?
    1. Personalized Dress Covers with Pevabag
    2. How do I proceed with my personalized dress cover orders?
    3. What is the annual production capacity of Pevabag?
    4. Are Pevabag clothing covers suitable for recycling?

      Customization in Dress Cover Production

      A dress cover, which is showcased at the first moment, gives information about the product it carries with its style, design and quality. And we know that out of a great looking dress cover, a great outfit comes out.…


      Planning: As we said, idea first! If a clothing brand is in search of dress covers for their designs, the manufacturer should be equally curious about the brand. Knowing the brand, listening to its needs, preliminary interviews and planning are very important for developing the design.


      Customization: Every dress cover manufacturer that makes special production for the customer has to customize the model, size (sizing), shape and all the accessories to be used. The model, size of the outfit; Features such as the value of the brand and its colors should be taken into account when producing dress cover.


      Sample: Creating sample dress covers in line with the designs and samples in each of the wholesale or retail productions is very important for the comfort of the customer during the negotiation phase.


      Communication: There is a very important point in producer-customer relations. Every customer wants to be in healthy communication with the manufacturer company they work with throughout all processes. It is important that the manufacturer company is with the customer at every point throughout the garment cover’s design phase, manufacturing process, product delivery and returns stages.

      What Can Be Personalized in a Dress Cover?

      Shape: In Dress coverproduction, the shape is designed by taking into consideration what kind of clothes the clothing brands produce and taking the necessary measurement information. If it is a suit cover production, while the best protection is provided with standard sizes and dimensions, more personalized size designs are made for an evening dress cover.

      Fabric: Fabric selection is made in accordance with both the preferences and designs of the clothing brands. In general, three different fabric options are preferred to provide the best protection. Non-woven, thanks to its special technology, stands out with its liquid repellent feature. Cotton is the fabric with the shortest recycling time in nature. And finally, Impertex fabrics can be preferred for their extreme durability.

      Print: The dress cover is also an advertising tool for the clothing brand and the clothing it carries. For this reason, it is very important to print brand logos and shapes on dress cover in order to provide a good representation. The clothing brand can design its own logo to be printed anywhere on the dress cover, and if there is something else you want to print, its design is also personalized.

      Color: The colors of the dress cover, designed in line with the fabric choices, should also be fully customizable. It is colored by making dress cover design to reflect the brand colors.

      Accessories: Customization can be made on the dress cover with zippers, pockets and other accessories according to the purpose and designs of the clothing brand.

      Personalized Dress Covers with Pevabag

      Pevabag customers always trust that the Pevabag dress covers they order will be in successful cooperation with their brand faces!

      International working principles are of great importance for our brand. Our understanding of quality in product design and manufacturing also manifests itself in customer relations and custom dress cover designs.

      Taking technology and human resources as a basis in all production units, on the one hand, has advanced machine parks in the vision of the new age, on the other hand, it turns our production into original designs with our employees.

      With its professional design and production team, Pevabag not only provides dress covers production services for both domestic and international ready-made clothing companies, but also performs this service with its unique designs in a fashion sense. It raises the bar in dress cover production by combining excellent craftsmanship with technology.

      We follow the garment cover industry closely and, as an integral part of the textile world, we showcase our fabric and model designs to our customers with our detailed presentations.

      How do I proceed with my personalized dress cover orders?

      The submission and approval of the design is followed by the quotation and approval process.

      Then, your special dress cover orders will be in your hands at the end of 15 working days.

      What is the annual production capacity of Pevabag?

      Pevabag has a production capacity of up to 4 million per year.

      Are Pevabag clothing covers suitable for recycling?

      We want to provide a healthy experience to both you and the nature by producing all our products from materials that can be recycled in nature. In addition, we aim to produce dress cover, dress covers and raw cloth from 100% recycled raw materials in the near future.