Wedding Dress Cover and Production

Wedding Dress Cover and Production

Wedding Dress Cover and Production

Of course, wedding organizations are the most valuable and exciting days among special days.There is only one star of the wedding days, every detail of which is carefully planned and prepared days or months in advance. Brides in white wedding dresses…

The favorite outfit of this excitement is bridal gowns; Whether they are custom planted, purchased or rented, the most important thing is to protect and preserve them with care. Because it may take a little longer to decide on the wedding dress, to sew it, to order it and to reach us, and until the wedding day; During this time, our wedding dress can go door-to-door, tailor-made.

At this point, as well as the beauty of your wedding dress, it is of great importance to protect, carry and look flawless when that beautiful day comes. At this point, wedding dress covers come into our lives…

  1. Wedding Dress Cover and Production
    1. What is a Wedding Dress Cover?
    2. Wedding Dress Cover Production Features
    3. Special Design Wedding Dress Covers
    4. How about Wedding Dress Cover Order Form?
    5. What should I pay attention to when ordering a wedding dress cover?
    6. How to send the wedding dress by courier?
    7. How is the wedding dress maintained?

      What is a Wedding Dress Cover?

      A wedding dress cover is a gamboç, also known as a dress cover, designed to protect the wedding dress before and after the wedding.

      Wedding dresses are very prone to wear, deteriorate, fade or tear in terms of color and design. Wedding dresses, which look like a doll, should be protected with the same care.

      A well-designed and high-quality wedding dress cover ensures that the wedding dress arrives at the wedding day without any damage, starting from the shops or tailors, and then it is kept clean for years as a souvenir.

      When wedding dress companies have all their wedding dresses ready for presentation in sales stores, they place them inside wedding dress covers and display them on hangers. This can be a distinctive move in the eyes of customers for wedding dress manufacturers.

      The sheaths they prefer ensure the protection of wedding dresses before and after use, thus keeping these special clothes for a long time without losing their form.

      Wedding Dress Cover Production Features

      GThe production of bridal gown covers is as important as evening dress and suit covers, and is a more elaborate process. While producing the wedding dress cover, it is very important to make the materials and designs that will provide the most accurate combination with the fabric and size of the wedding dress. Because wedding dresses are dresses designed in larger forms than other dresses, with more special fabrics and sometimes even just stones. Only a special wedding dress cover can protect such a special dress.

      Which fabrics are preferred in the production of wedding dress covers?

      The fabrics preferred in the production of wedding dress covers are Nonwoven Fabrics and transparent PVC fabrics. Like suit covers or evening dress covers, wedding dress covers are also produced using Nonwoven Interlining fabrics, one of the most popular fabrics of today’s textile world.

      Nowoven fabrics are preferred for wedding dresses, which are the most important dresses, thanks to their properties such as being the most liquid-repellent, flexible, durable, fire-retardant and antibacterial among other fabrics.

      In addition, completely transparent or transparent PVC fabrics with hats can be used in the production of wedding dress covers.

      There are several reasons why transparent bridal covers are preferred.;

      1.Thanks to its transparent texture, the visibility of the wedding dress model provides convenience during presentation, especially in bridal shops.

      2.Being transparent during transport allows you to control the wedding dress.

      3.Transparent wedding dress covers with hats protect the other parts of the wedding dress such as veils, provide a hanger function, and therefore become one of the most preferred models.

      Bellows transparent wedding dress covers;

      Bellows wedding dress covers with a shoulder width of 60 cm are produced as 170 or 180 cm in length. Wedding dress covers produced using 70 gr or 80 gr material are designed with bellows to expand the inner volume, and thus the bridal gowns become protected without wrinkling, getting stuck in the sheath, and without deteriorating their form. Thanks to the fabric section called the hat on the top, it makes it easy to use the hanger.

      By passing it through the strap, the width of the shoulder is kept under the hat. The wedding dress cover, which goes down to the waist with the width of the shoulder, is widened from the waist point and helps to keep the field and skirt part comfortably down to the bottom in a comfortable way. The strength of the sheath is increased by using thick-toothed zipper types in transparent wedding dress covers. Pockets placed on the side or top also find their place to be used when necessary.

      Special Design Wedding Dress Covers

      Even if it is ready-made clothing, when it comes to bridal gowns, personalized customizations are made. Although fashion houses such as Oleg Cassini (add no-follow) also produce ready-made dresses, when it comes to bridal gowns, they work by appointment and individually..

      For this reason, wedding dress covers should be as special as wedding dresses. Due to the variety of custom-designed wedding dresses, producing a single standard wedding dress cover does not provide a good experience for either the manufacturer, the wedding dress brand or the end user.

      Therefore, the first thing to consider when producing a wedding dress cover is to make special production for special design wedding dresses.

      While working with Pevabag bridal gown companies, she designs bridal covers in special sizes and models and makes presentations to her customers. In particular, in the bellows transparent models, personalization is also carried out in advertising by using colored prints on the top or side and using the brands and logos of the companies.

      While producing Pevabag wedding dress cover;/h4>

      1.It makes designs in the desired size and model.

      2.It carries out logo printing works and thus enables the wedding dress manufacturer to use the covers as an advertising tool.

      3.It uses moisture-absorbing and anti-odor technologies as a fabric feature and ensures the protection of the wedding dress for a long time.

      4.It uses robust and durable fabrics (Nonwoven, PVC, etc.) and provides many years of use.

      How about Wedding Dress Cover Order Form?

      How should a sample wedding dress cover order be, what kind of information is exchanged between the manufacturer and the orderer, what information should be paid attention to, let’s see together;

      Item Size

      must be specified in the first step. For example, 80 Cm Width x 180 Cm Length x 27 Cm Bellows


      It should be stated whether it is printed or unprinted.


      Colors such as Transparent White, Black, Beige are the most preferred wedding dress cover colors. Size: As mentioned at the beginning, size and size are the most important information.


      Information about which material it will be produced from should be specified. For example, Transparent PVC or Nonwoven Fabric Interlining Fabric

      Other Features:

      Other properties such as whether the Wedding Dress Cover is recyclable, eco-friendly, reusable, durable, breathable, waterproof, antibacterial, tear-proof, sustainable, lint-proof, double-faced, oil-proof, UV-preventive or antistatic must be specified at this stage.


      If printing will be done, the logo and other printing elements of the brand should be shared.


      The printing technique should be explained.


      If a wholesale wedding dress cover order is to be ordered, daily/weekly/monthly production capacities should be discussed with the consumer.




      What should I pay attention to when ordering a wedding dress cover?

      When ordering a wedding dress cover, the size and dimensions, fabric and design of the wedding dress should be discussed in detail with the dress cover manufacturer. You can contact Pevabag right here and order your special design wedding dress cover.

      How to send wedding dress by courier?

      The firm or fashion house that produces the wedding dress must not use a wedding dress cover during delivery and shipping. If there is a dress that will travel for a long time, special productions should be made according to it..

      How is the wedding dress maintained?

      Before or after the wedding, the thing that will protect the wedding dress best is a wedding dress cover designed in a format suitable for the features of the dress.