What is a Cardboard Bag and What You Need to Know About Cardboard Bag Manufacturing

What is a Cardboard Bag and What You Need to Know About Cardboard Bag Manufacturing

What is Cardboard Bag and Cardboard Bag Manufacturing

Cardboard bags are functional and useful products that are frequently used in daily life. They are especially preferred in terms of packaging, packaging and transportation due to their models and types.

All the products we buy, including clothes, shoes, textile products, and even food shopping, are usually delivered to us in cardboard bags.

Briefly, what is a cardboard bag? A cardboard bag is a type of bag that is made of cardboard and, unlike plastic bags and bags, is biodegradable and has sustainable properties. Thanks to these features, cardboard bags are preferred by many brands and companies, and it has also become their goal to choose the best company for cardboard bag manufacturing.

But first, let’s talk about what a cardboard bag is and what its usage features are.

  1. What is Cardboard Bag and Cardboard Bag Manufacturing
    1. What is a Cardboard Bag and Its Usage Features
    2. Kraft Bag and Features
    3. Recycling of Cardboard and Kraft Bags
    4. Wholesale Cardboard Bag Manufacturing
    5. How to Determine Wholesale Cardboard Bag Prices?
  2. Pevabag Cardboard Bag Manufacturing

      What is a Cardboard Bag and Its Usage Features

      Cardboard bags stand out thanks to their robustness and long-term durability; The raw material of paper and cardboard packaging is a very valuable substance called cellulose. Cellulose is obtained from specially grown aphids and trees. Since paper and cardboard are easy to process, they are preferred in terms of taking up little space and being durable during transportation.

      Cardboard bags can be manufactured in the desired size, size and weight; Details are determined according to the area where the cardboard bag will be used and the characteristics of the products to be transported, and the most appropriate size and weight are determined.

      Cardboard bags can be designed in the desired color and model; all companies in the market prefer cardboard bags that reflect the colors and features of their brand. Sizes and models of cardboard bags can be designed according to the characteristics of the products to be transported.

      Cardboard bag is suitable for printing and lettering design; Companies or institutions that produce wholesale cardboard bags also benefit from advertising by printing the logo and writing forms they want to specify on the bag.

      Kraft Bag and Features

      Kraft bags are also a member of the cardboard bags family, and they are natural bags that we often carry our products in in our daily shopping.

      Kraft; It is a type of paper obtained from fibrous and softwood trees such as pine, spruce, fir. Kraft papers are produced in two colors, brown and white. Its most striking feature is its durability. One of the most common usage areas due to their high strength structures is the production of bags.

      Recycling of Cardboard and Kraft Bags

      The fact that cardboard and kraft bags are completely environmentally friendly, recyclable and do not contain carcinogenic substances is one of the reasons why these bags and packages are preferred.

      Wholesale Cardboard Bag Manufacturing

      Today, the rapid increase in consumption, as well as the healthy packaging and transportation of all purchased products, enable us to use cardboard bags frequently. In this direction, all companies and organizations in the market provide their customers with cardboard bags in every aspect of their sales and presentations.

      Pevabag is a manufacturer company that has been serving for many years in the supply of cardboard bags used in all sectors, without exception, such as corporate, clothing, gift, cosmetics, jewelry, optics.

      Our cardboard bag design, which belongs to the brands of all companies and organizations, becomes an effective advertising product with its quality and appearance when it comes out of professional hands.

      How to Determine Wholesale Cardboard Bag Prices?

      The most important cost item that affects prices is the type of cardboard used as a starter. The main cardboard types and weights used for cardboard bags are as follows:

      270 gr American Bristol

      230 gr American Bristol

      210 gr Kraft

      170 gr Kraft

      250 gr coated

      210 gr coated

      200 gr Specially produced weight cardboard types ranging from 270 gr.

      The prices of cardboard bags increase or decrease in direct proportion to the cardboard weight. The size and quantity of the bag to be made is also one of the most important factors affecting the prices of cardboard bags.

      Pevabag Cardboard Bag Manufacturing

      Pevabag produces multi-purpose bags such as cardboard and paper bags, cardboard bags with gift caps, kraft bags with straight handles and twisted handles, and kraft bags.

      Companies get information about the production of cardboard bags in the model and quality they want, and then the manufacturing process begins. According to the paper and design features to be used, Pevabag offers its customers the most suitable design and price offer within 5 working days at the latest. After these stages, the contracted cardboard bag manufacturing is started and delivered to the customer within 15 days at the latest.

      You can browse the cardboard bag models and fill out the offer form to be informed about our prices. from here you can get a quote by filling!